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Become a Part of Nature!

Throughout the week of the academy, you will meet Missouri State University professors, Missouri Department of Conservation specialists, water quality personnel, and other professionals in the conservation field.  They will share their time and expertise with you on a one-on-one basis. They provide direct exposure and knowledge of the wildlife, land, and water resources of the Ozarks. You’ll take this set of academic skills back to your home, enhancing environmental awareness within your community; and therefore increasing the chances that public policy will reflect a commitment to core conservation values.

You’ll hold a bird in your hand!  You’ll actively monitor both aquatic and terrestrial habitats, getting wet by diving into the lake or trudging through a mucky wetland!  It’s amazing!

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  1. Hi –

    I am the Community Engagement Coordinator for Robberson Community School (part of the SPS R-XII School District). Our 5th graders have the opportunity twice a year to take a two-week course called “The Great Outdoors,” which culminates in an overnight camping experience.

    In order for them to be more fully appreciative of this experience, and to build this value as they grow, I was wondering if you all would be interested and able to provide the week of GLADE academy to our 4th graders in June of 2018.

    Thank you for considering

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