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Be an Effective Leader!

Actively participate in the Leaderful Action approach to meeting challenges!

GLADE Leadership Principles

1. “Each of us summons this style of leadership from within”

During initiative-based, hands-on, problem solving exercises, participants evaluate their own and others’ leadership styles. Are you introverted or extroverted? Motivated by intellect or emotions? Dominated by visual or auditory stimuli? After you figure some thing out, you will be able to express your unique leadership style.

2. Your style of leadership is “exercised at appropriate moments”.

Leadership facilitators will communicate (non-verbally or whispering) with you throughout the problem solving exercise; not about the solution, but about the group interaction. Extroverts are encouraged to step back and actively listen to all members of the group. Introverts are gently encouraged to step out of their comfort zone to express their ideas (often it is the quiet observer that possesses the key to solving the challenge).  You’ll learn about reinforcing positive coalitions within the group, be prepared  to solve authentic, real world challenges. Your timely contributions will strengthen the group, and your unique contributions serve to increase the odds of real world success.

3. You will find at GLADE an entire group of young people “vitally concerned about issues”.

Common interests bring people together. Since all participants have already expressed an interest in nature and the environment, a common vision is to preserve and restore global ecosystems comes into fruition.  However, GLADE focuses on a more local aspect of that vision.

4. You will focus on a style of leadership that reinforces “behaviors which propel the work of the group forward”.

During the week-long residential academy, you’ll restore two acres of critical habitat and participate in preliminary and follow-up activities that build confidence and character. Once the momentum accelerates, you’ll become more likely to sense the power of your own vision of conservation. Riding a wave of empowerment, you’ll have an opportunity to return to your home communities to develop your own community conservation action project. Grant money, expertise, and support to get your project off of the ground is provided.

At GLADE you’ll ride the wave of conservation passion as far as it will take you, and we, the staff and former participants alike, are excited about where it has taken us so far. Most of our original GLADE participants are still connected to our growing network of conservationists, and their ripples have created new concentric circles reaching outward to new groups and partnerships. Young leaders, working within a supportive network of community and conservation activists, have developed an incredible ability to profoundly and positively impact their communities.

Join us for GLADE 2018!


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