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GLADE Participant Testimonials

Here’s what the 2013 GLADE graduates are saying:

“In one week at this camp, I learned more than I ever could have in a school classroom! How many kids get to hold a neo-tropical bird in their hands? How many kids get to say they helped restore habitat for an endangered warbler? At GLADE I found 15 other kids my age who also shared this interest. All of us grew close during the week, especially during our leadership activities! (GLADE) really taught us communication and teamwork skills – both important for real world issues.” ~Brooke

“If you are looking for a way to help the environment, future generations, and teenagers today, look no further than GLADE. GLADE guides teenage conservationists through a series of activities designed to help them grow together and learn valuable environmental and scientific skills. It instilled in us all a deep love for the environment and helped us all become really good friends. GLADE helps teenagers grow on many levels, learn science and make great friends. It produces people with a keen love for the environment and the skills to do something about it.” ~Paul

“I just recently completed a week of the GLADE camp, and I can easily say that it is the most life changing camp I have ever been to.  Academically, GLADE gave me access to several very intelligent people who can help me reach my goals in life. Everybody there had a similar passion, which was nature. It truly is a life changing camp, and if you are looking for a way to help make a change in our natural community, this is it.” ~Emily

“I would first like to say that GLADE was the best week of any summer I have ever had. I made closer friends in seven days of GLADE than I have in the seven years I have gone to Ozark. Every activity brought us all closer. The week’s motto: Step up…. Step up and be the leader. We all took that step on Wednesday when we worked together to restore Cane and try to bring the Swainson’s warbler back to Mincy. Everything we did brought us to both a higher academic and personal level. I will take what I learned with me into my future and hopefully make a difference in the world.” ~Shannon

“Thank you so much for the opportunity to enjoy GLADE! GLADE opened my eyes to a different way to view science, and the world; a more personal view. Like the people around me who became my close friends, I grew closer to nature and became more in touch with myself. Studying the water quality in the lakes was my favorite scientific activity, I had so much fun doing chemistry on the boat! Through GLADE, I learned that it’s not just (one person) that’s important, but everyone in the group. Not only did GLADE give me something to think about and learn from, I also had tons of fun! GLADE opened all sorts of doors for me. I am so grateful, and cannot thank you enough for this experience!” ~Ashley


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